austriaThe European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted a new credit line of 85 million euros for the construction of wind farms in Lower Austria.

The company WindLandKraft GmbH will build and operate a total of four wind parks of 34 with a total capacity of 105 MW at sites Leopoldsdorf, and Untersiebenbrunn Engelhartstetten.

Capital made available, or EUR 20 million, covering the first phase of the project, which comprises 16 wind turbines on sites Leopoldsdorf im Marchfelde and Untersiebenbrunn. The coming into operation of these facilities is expected by the end of 2015.

“The further development of energy production from renewable sources reflects the attention that Austria door to climate action and environmental protection. This diversification is the key to further for greater autonomy in the long term and secure energy supplies, “said Wilhelm Molterer vice-President of the EIB on the occasion of signing the contract.

Over the past three years, the EIB claims to have lent a total of EUR 500 million to support the wind industry in Austria.

Financing projects that contribute to climate action and environmental protection is one of the priority tasks of the bank in the EU. Last year, loans in this area has reached a total volume of 19 billion euros. The EIB, the development of renewable energy has played a key role in this context. She has also spent 6.4 million euros in loans in 2013, while a comparable volume is targeted for this year.

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