The convention for the construction of the first power plant thermal cooling navy France was signed September 30, 2014 in Marseille, between several entities whose Constructa Group, the FDR and Cofely Services, a subsidiary of GDF Suez.

Located in the heart of the Euro-Med EcoCité, this unique plant symbolizes the innovation and transforming the French Mediterranean sustainable energy source for an area of ​​about 500,000 m2 in Marseille.

This project is intended to develop a network of production of cold and warm across the northern coastline. This industrial process, with 100% renewable origin, will produce hot in winter and cold in summer to heat or cool entire EuroMed 2 neighborhood.

This innovative thalassotherm system called “loop seawater” already exists in Monaco in particular and should soon be in La Seyne-sur-Mer. Based on the same technology, the Euro-Med project will use large-scale process. This is indeed the first time that benefit an entire neighborhood. Flowing from the sea to the city, the loop provides temperatures suitable for the season in all buildings perimeter, through a network of heat pumps.

The goal: reduce energy bills (whether related to heating or cooling) of 75%. This widely reproducible approach on two shores of the Mediterranean opens a broader reflection on the contribution of the marine environment in the European Mediterranean energy and joins in the reflection cluster Sea and engineering schools.

Central Marine geothermal Thassalia is a first of its kind, “it is the only one in France to date using ocean thermal energy to supply heating and cooling buildings that are connected A key, many benefits. EcoCité for the purposes of energy efficiency through a reduction of 70% in emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and 65% of water consumption.”

The plant is also exemplary of the production on an industrial scale it will be able to provide. Ultimately, it is 500.000m2 buildings that feed entirely through a 3 km long network, including Euromed Center, The Quays Arenc, Docks and future Inhabited Park Arenc.

In addition, the Central Marine Thassalia geothermal site was designed to fit into the environment of the Euro-Med EcoCité in the heart of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille. Its technical specifications were developed to measure, taking into account the local climate (speed of Mistral, ocean currents…) and geography of the site.

“What is about to happen here with the support of our partners, paving the way for new uses of the city and natural resources in a Mediterranean climate, but to anticipate likely effects of climate change. The unprecedented scale of the proposed marine geothermal, which covers nearly 500,000 square meters of land fed term challenge that gives scale and unprecedented importance in the heart of EuroMed labeled EcoCité”, said François Jalinot, Director General Euromediterranée.

This project represents an investment to the tune of over 35 million, meets the environmental requirements of Euro-Mediterranean and expectations of all of its Euro-Mediterranean partners, including the Regional Council of Provence Alpes Cote D’Azur, the General Council Bouches du Rhone, Marseille Provence Metropolis, the city of Marseille and various agencies (ADEME and the European Regional Development Fund)

The work of the center will begin early in 2015 to allow the first shipments of 2015 cold current.

Central Marine is a coherent innovative geothermal project with the desire to make a Euro-Mediterranean laboratory of urban sustainable city.

Jean-Pierre Monéger, CEO of Cofely Services, says “the innovation is an integral part of the DNA of Cofely Services, we also have to heart to bring the territories that we support solutions to meet their needs by anticipating their issues and concerns. Our ambition is to go beyond the provision of technical services as sophisticated as they are, to co-construct, with the territories, the solutions that will make sense to them and their people.”

40% of the global population living within 100 km of the sea, marine geothermal potential is considerable, and the goal is that other areas of the coast have in place is almost similar systems. All territories beachfront can benefit from a solution as Thassalia in their energy mix.

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