Vattenfall and Scottish Power have got the green light from the British government to start construction of the wind farm East Anglia One ‘located off the east coast of England.

The project will include 240 turbines with an installed capacity of 1,200 MW, almost double the power of the biggest wind farm in the world, the London Array with 630 MW. Renewable energy produced could supply electricity to 820,000 British homes.

“East Anglia One is certainly the largest wind park in Europe, and we are delighted to have received the support of the British government for the project,” said Piers Guy, director of Vattenfal United Kingdom. Vattenfal does not count stop there and plans to build two wind farms in the same area, with the objective of producing 7,200 MW, enough electricity to 5 million UK homes.

The number of engineers and technicians required to maintain operations in the early stages of development of the project is estimated at 170, for the next 20 years.

The energy produced by the 240 turbines would be collected by three stations capture before being channeled through two offshore converter stations that convert electricity so that it can be transported in four submarine cables, each with a length 73 km to shore.

Electricity is turned on land before being connected to the mains again.

“The validation of the project is already a great success and a big step forward in the investment decision. Our team has spent over three years to develop the project in detail, to see elected officials and stakeholders in the region of East Anglia “said Keith Anderson, CEO of the companion Scottish Power Renewables.


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