Bouygues Energies & Services decided to use a new technology for the effectiveness and safety of maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, “the thermal diagnosis drones”

Used for the first time on the largest photovoltaic plant in the soil of Ile-de-France, the central Sourdun the General Solar, drones can detect more fast, safe and reliable defective photovoltaic cells.

They allow, through data analysis, to define the best recommendations in the maintenance plans.

Thermal diagnosis drones

As part of its operational mandate, Bouygues & Energy Services will perform for the first time a thermal diagnostic drone on the largest photovoltaic plant in the ground in Ile-de-France. With a capacity of 4.5 MWp plant annually produces 4,800 MWh, equivalent in electricity consumption of a town of 2,000 inhabitants.

UAVs are well able to detect fast and accurate defective photovoltaic cells 18,700 solar panels of the plant, through their thermal cameras mounted on a geo-stabilized platform.

Then the system of topographic survey by Bouygues Energies & Services will also allow you to program the automatic flight without human control, to control the 4 hectares of photovoltaic panels.

Better control of time, cost and risk

This automated technology allows to inspect the works constantly operating (high voltage lines and photovoltaic panels) and reduce human risks on construction sites, study related costs, as well as the time spent shooting.

“The use of drones for thermal controls on large photovoltaic farms, floor or roof, proving to be the most effective way to quickly and accurately identify any faults on the solar collectors. Operations of repairs are thereby facilitated so and so help ensure over time the performance of our solar power plants. This promising technology is still in its infancy and carries with it the promise of significant developments for the future ” said Daniel Bour, President General of the Solar.

Other possible applications of the drone: technical inspection, site supervision and field surveys

Ensuring missions ranging from aerial photography to topographical surveys covering several km2, Bouygues & Energy Services has developed an advanced logistics to meet the technical inspection projects, site supervision and field surveys on buildings or even the high-voltage lines.

Equipped with high-resolution video cameras and thermal cameras, flight data acquisition used to collect and analyze detailed and voluminous information.

“The design and proposing innovative solutions is a strategic focus of our services: firstly to ensure that, with increasing reliability, durability and performance of the infrastructure of our customers, and secondly, to optimize energy performance in a spirit of continuous improvement, “concluded Jean-Philippe Trin, CEO of Bouygues Energies & Services.

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