Biomass Silo Foundation

The Atikokan GS – formerly coal-fired – based in Canada has been completely converted to biomass to generate electricity and meet local needs Northwest Province of Ontario.

The facility, which employs 70 people full time, burned his last reserves of coal in September 2012. His conversion, which began in mid-2012, was to construct two silos and change to accommodate biomass boilers. The project has involved more than 200 workers and highly skilled technicians.

The Atikokan plant will provide renewable electricity in peak periods and can be switched on when electricity demand is high.

Energy without coal combination result in a significant reduction of pollutant emissions and the clean air and the environment. Biomass fuels Atikokan is harvested and processed in Ontario. Local suppliers have taken advantage of this opportunity to enter into supply contracts with granular foreign buyers. Two companies of Northwestern Ontario will each provide 45,000 tons of wood pellets per year.

“A new era begins in Ontario, an era where the air is purer and where multiple costs of electricity generation from coal will be a memory Successful conversion of the Atikokan generating station to biomass. make Ontario a world leader in the use of environmentally friendly fuel to produce electricity,” said Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy.

“It is gratifying to see that efforts in this project are very much fruit. Atikokan is now home to the largest installation of energy production fueled entirely by biomass in North America. This plant will help ensure energy security the Northwestern Ontario and bring health benefits and employment to the people of Atikokan for decades. I want to thank everyone who supported this project over the years while we worked to make it a reality, “said Bill Mauro, MPP for the riding of Thunder Bay-Atikokan.

“The Northwestern Ontario is at the forefront of some exciting highlights development in mining and forestry, and I am very pleased that our government act to meet the future energy needs of our region. This plant not only brings clean electricity to Ontarians but also creates promising economic opportunities and sustainable jobs for the people of Northwestern Ontario “was glad Michael Gravelle, MPP for the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North.

“Almost all of the electricity produced by OPG comes from sources that do not cause virtually emissions responsible for climate change and smog. The Atikokan is a unique addition to our clean energy portfolio because it provides of dispatchable renewable energy that can be used when the energy network needs,” concluded Tom Mitchell, CEO of Ontario Power Generation.

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