alstomAlstom has recently announced they have signed a global partnership agreement with Freyssinet for the development of a concrete mast 119 meters specially designed for wind ECO 122.

The new mast will be composed of 11 sections, the largest of them, located at the base of the tower, measured 7.20 meters in diameter.

This partnership complements an earlier agreement with Max Bögl Wind AG to develop a mast 139 meters of concrete and steel. With these two agreements, Alstom will be able to offer its customers two options masts large to capture at a higher altitude strongest winds.

The ECO 122 is also marketed as a 3 MW with a yield of 6% above its version 2.7 MW. The high load factor combined with the rated power, making wind perfectly suited to medium and low winds.

After 2 months of measurements on a model first ECO 122 installed Wieringermeer (Netherlands), ECN issued the certification power curve of the turbine thereby to demonstrate its effectiveness.

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