Alstom announced signing of a contract for the supply of 10 wind turbines – type ECO 74 – with the company Eurus Energy Holdings to wind farm Kawazu Japan.

Equipped with masts of 70 meters and a display unit capacity of 1.67 MW, they become fully operational as of February 2015, according to the French industrialist.

The wind farm Kawazu (16.7 MW), located on the east side of the Izu Peninsula in Kamo District (Shizuoka, Japan) should contribute to the goal of Japan to provide more than 10 % of national electricity demand in 2008 in the form of wind power by 2050.

Alstom also states have adapted the turbine with seismic masts to improve turbine availability given the seismic activity in Japan. Moreover, “despite strong hurricanes attacking the country 3-5 times a year, the turbines Alstom ECO installed have not been affected,” also said the manufacturer.

“We are pleased to be part of Japan’s commitment to renewable energy,” said Alfonso Faubel Senior Vice President of Alstom Wind. “This success is proof that we are able to tailor our products to meet our customers’ needs, while respecting the strict guidelines imposed by Japan on construction. We are delighted to continue our work with Eurus Energy to meet the objectives of Japan’s wind energy. ”

Japan has a population that exceeds 127 million people. With limited domestic energy resources, coupled with a very high demand for energy, Japan 80% dependent on energy resources from abroad. To diversify its energy resources and promote the growth of domestic production, Japan has recently renewed its commitment to renewable energy with an investment of 38 billion yen (300 million euros) in non-hydro renewables and 84 billion yen ($ 665 million) in additional energy-efficient technology focusing on wind and solar power over the next twenty years.

Japan aims to increase its wind power capacity of over 11 GW by 2020 and 50 GW by 2050.

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