London ArrayThe London Array, the largest offshore wind farm in the world, was officially opened last month off the British coast by project stakeholders: E.ON, the Danish company Dong and Masdar Energy, the Infrastructure Funds of Kingdom of Abu Dhabi.

London Array is located 20km off the coast of Kent in southeast England. The wind farm has been operational since April, with a capacity of 630 MW, it will produce enough renewable energy annually to meet the demand of nearly half a million homes in the UK.

Offshore construction began in March 2011 with the first two foundations and offshore transformer stations. Since then, 175 Siemens wind turbines were built and 200 km of cable were laid at a depth of 25 meters under the sea Each turbine is 147 meters high above sea level, which is approximately at the height of the Cologne Cathedral. And both positions offshore processing, which include electricity generated by the wind farm and are connected to the electricity network on the continent, weighs 1,250 tons.

When construction was in full swing, more than 60 ships and more than 1,000 people were simultaneously on the spot. This required a huge logistical organization and coordination.

Among the larger ships, we could identify the MPI Discovery and its sister vessel MPI Adventure. Both ships are among the most modern in the world used to install foundations and offshore wind, on average, it took a day or two specialists aboard the MPI Discovery to carry the full construction of a turbine Wed If the weather was mild, it only took twelve hours. As part of a six-year contract, E.ON also use the MPI Discovery to build future offshore wind farms: Kårehamn (Sweden), Humber Gateway (UK) and Amrumbank West German North Sea.

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