cielWhile Japan remains permanently marked by the Fukushima nuclear accident, Ciel et Terre, a French company, announced it completed the design and construction of the largest floating photovoltaic plant in the world over 1 MW.

The center, located in a basin irrigation of 3 hectares, in the suburbs of Tokyo, Okegawa, was built in partnership with the investor West Holdings.

While this place is rare to build large plants on the ground, there are, according to the French company, “thousands of lakes, irrigation and other water reservoirs suitable for floating plants.” With this realization, Heaven and Earth provides a patented technology (Hydrelio, reliable, guaranteed for 20 years and can withstand winds of typhoons. According to Ciel et Terre, the proposed solution is “very cheap” and “competitive with plants ground on expensive and subject to earthquakes land.”

Floating in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) component solar islands (5000 modules) were manufactured in France and shipped to Japan.

The subsidiary of Ciel et Terre in Japan indicates currently developing several other projects of floating plants in the archipelago, with the aim to develop 1,000 MW in the next five years. Immediate consequence: the commercial management of Ciel et Terre Internacional will move from this month in Japan to cover Asia and the world.

In France, Ciel et Terre has tried – unsuccessfully – to be recognized by the ministries concerned the specific interest of this technology does not consume agricultural land, through tenders CRE. But remember as the SMEs, “no one is a prophet in his own country.” France has indeed many lakes, where at least 2,000 MW could be installed water bodies suitable in particular.

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