biooilFortum commissioned in late November the first industrial production of bio-oil that works with technology fast pyrolysis of biomass.

Integrated with cogeneration Fortum in Joensuu (Finland), it will produce about 50,000 tons of bio-oil per year, equivalent to the heating needs of 10,000 households. The production of bio-fuels will increase the use of wood by the central Joensuu 300,000 cubic meters to 450,000 cubic meters per year.

Commissioning of the new unit drives the creation of 60-70 jobs in the collection of raw materials to the factory and in the supply chain.

Joensuu unit uses technology called “fast pyrolysis” that transforms solid biomass in bio-oil “biomass composed of sub-products and residues from forestry and industry wood processing collected locally in the region of Joensuu, is rapidly heated in the absence of oxygen, under the effect of heat, it decomposes and generates gas are then condensed at the end of the process unit in bio-oil. production of bio-oil using the heat produced by the co-generation plant to which it is integrated.”

Design and development of fast pyrolysis technology and the modification of the central Joensuu, resulted in an investment of approximately € 30 million Fortum and support the investment of 8 million the Finnish state. The new technology is the product of cooperation between Fortum, Metso, UPM and the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT. This research in the context of Biorefine program of the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES).

Marketed under the Otso ®, the bio-oil Fortum can be used in production plants heat or steam. Fortum signed a first contract to supply the company with district heating Soap Voima who use its facilities in heat production from fossil fuels. Fortum also use this bio-oil in its own central heat and Joensuu Espoo, which will significantly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the region.

In the future, bio-oil can also be used as raw material for processing industries or as a transportation fuel.

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