Installers know that mounting solar panels on the roof proves to be a difficult task, often tedious, especially where facilities have a strong constraint on the roofs.

To overcome these and other drawbacks, Flamco has unveiled its new solution for mounting PV panels on flat roofs, called ‘Flamco Falx’.

The product of smart and easy assembling

Flamco Falx consists of only three parts: a mounting block, a rail for conveniently assembling the rows of blocks and a clip to securely fix the PV panels. This system arises in a snap without tools. As it allows the designer to provide “a 50% saving on installation costs.”

A revolutionary innovation

A mounting system for any type of solar panel that consists of only three parts is already revolutionary in itself. But Flamco Falx also offers other innovations. For example, the system remains firmly in place, even in high winds, with intelligent aerodynamic design. The aerodynamic properties were tested in a wind tunnel by an independent body, in accordance with the Dutch standard NVN 7250. This has the effect of minimizing the required ballast. For this ballast, gravel can be used on the roof, with the special recesses in the lateral areas of the mounting blocks. Where appropriate, paving slabs can also be laid in the area. The use of lightweight materials causes strain on the roof is very small.

An ingenious system

In addition, the system should Falx for all brands and all aspects of photovoltaic panels. With its lightweight and minimal ballast weight required, it can be used on virtually any flat roofs.

Full intelligent ventilation and active convection also ensure better temperature control. This makes more efficient PV panels and increases longevity. In addition, stormwater is discharged from all sides. This affects at least the function of the roof. The mounting blocks are made of a weatherproof plastic.



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