The energy is more expensive and many are turning to the use of new sources of supply. Among them, solar, real spearhead of current sustainable energy technologies. Eventually, solar energy will supplement or replace fossil fuels.

Nuclear power is expensive

A recent report by the Nuclear Safety Agency reported that more than 10 billion euros would be needed in the coming years to invest in the safety of nuclear power in France. If the ASN considers that the facilities examined today have a sufficient level of safety for not immediately stop any of them, the amounts involved are nevertheless substantial. We know that nuclear power is expensive, and even if the life of a plant is 30 years, the investment is heavy and also raises questions. Since the accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant many wonder if the “all nuclear” energy is the only option.

New energy systems

This question has the advantage of highlighting of new energy sources and in this debate, we hear more and more alternative or complementary solutions such as wind or solar. In France, the authorities have set a target to increase to 23% the share of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2020. The mechanical energy of the wind is already visible in many French regions in 2011 and saw its onshore facilities listed by decree regime installations classified for environmental protection (ICPE). This equipment program was also recently evidenced by the launch of a tender for five wind farms planned off the Brittany and Normandy coasts.

Another source of renewable energy, solar. Without emitting greenhouse in principle inexhaustible, this energy could provide 20 years a part of the electricity needs of the population. Individual initiative with photovoltaic panels that anyone can install on the roof of his house, to much larger projects, such as concentrating solar power plants, solar definitely has a great industrial future.

Solar pioneer

One of the French pioneers in the field is the industrial group CNIM, which since the 1980s, has invested heavily in this area based on its businesses “historic” as mechanics, steam generation and thermodynamic cycles. Thus the CNIM group has designed and built in 1983 boiler plant located in the Themis Targasonne in Roussillon. Another of the most iconic achievements CNIM is the pilot site of Seyne-sur-Mer in 2010 inaugurated by the Minister of Industry at the time, Christian Estrosi. In his speech, the minister refers to Themis: “At that time, I recall, we were ahead of all others. We can again be at the forefront of innovation in the field of solar energy as we now demonstrate this new equipment, the only prototype solar power plant operator process mirrors operational Fresnel France. This equipment will be the benchmark that we need, the showcase of our expertise in the field of solar energy. It is now a jewel of our industrial and environmental excellence, which will be more decisive for the export of this technology around the world. ”

Later in his speech, reported by the magazine Full sun, however, it outlines a kind of mea culpa: “Unlike strong ambitions have always been ours on nuclear, we must recognize that France has long delayed for a true industrial vision for renewable energy. We lacked an overall vision. We thought we could save ourselves a vision of long-term future. The choices we make today should have been done twenty years ago in the wind, there’s ten years in the photovoltaic field. Meanwhile, our competitors before we took positions in new markets that are now carrying. We are paying the price. Today, France is obliged to provide these technologies to maintain its own consumption with materials mostly imported. ” This speech has been long anticipated by the CNIM group, since it has long established a solar division to develop solar power projects delivered key in hand.

Solar, reliable alternative?

The use of solar energy is now presented as a viable alternative, not only nuclear, but also to compensate for the inevitable exhaustion of fossil fuels. Many countries in the world see the solar sustainable energy supply solution. Whether heat, thermodynamics, or photovoltaic, solar energy is available to all provided, as indicated Estrosi the conclusion of his speech, “It is today that the French industry must be prepared as Americans, like the Germans, like the Spanish and Israeli. I want finally we draw advantage of the tremendous research potential, skills and know who is in our country. ” Because common sense dictates that sustainable development is inseparable from our energy independence!

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