dayenergyA solar park project of 2.5 MW produced by Energy Day company was installed and connected to the Romanian grid, Electrica, 35 km north-west of Bucharest in just 50 days.

The installation covers six hectares and provide 3.2 TWh of electricity per year to the administrative division Dâmbovita. The solar power plant was approved by the regulator Energy Romania (ANRE) and got six green certificates which 4 are immediately negotiable.

More specifically, the project includes more than 10,000 photovoltaic solar panels in CSUN connected inverters Power-One chains and Schneider Electric transformer stations. In addition to the turnkey supply of solar power to the investor, Day Energy also oversaw the network connection. It is the one who will ensure its operation and maintenance under the guarantee of proper operation for two years.

“The 2.5 MW solar power plant is part of a multi-market portfolio structured as Energy Day was able to sign with its diversified strategy of transnational partnerships and cooperation with powerful suppliers like CSUN. This allows us to differentiate our offers other key engineering construction hand. Enterprises We are indeed able to provide a guarantee of production, which has an important factor for banks. recent rely on flexibility in providing bridge financing and as an expert for the granting of such guarantees”, said Daniel Nikolov, head of IAC and achievements in turnkey Day Energy.

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