broken_solarThe CERES association based in Paris, specializing in the recovery and recycling of photovoltaic panels at the end of life across Europe, announced that it has ceased operations in the field of solar panel waste management.

For the association, under more rigid for the production of solar energy in Europe and a market increasingly complex waste management of photovoltaic panels were key factors in its decision to terminate her division operational collection and recycling.

CERES will continue, nonetheless, to exist as a research organization on the whole sector of photovoltaic waste management and the “cradle-to-cradle” design. Thus, the association will continue and expand its involvement in collaborative R&D projects.

“CERES began as a research platform for the recycling of photovoltaic panels. It is in this area that we are experts in which we can play a central role in this industry,” recalled the new President of CERES, appointed in March, Serge Besanger.

In order to facilitate the cessation of CERES, PV CYCLE – non-profit organization managing an operational system for collecting and recycling for photovoltaic panels at the end of life across Europe – is committed to take all obligations collection and recycling of existing members of CERES.

The collection and processing of photovoltaic modules will be free for owners of panels produced by members of CERES until December 2013. The agreement between CERES and PV CYCLE covers all waste PV modules post-production in the countries of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), except in Italy, where CERES signed a separate agreement with ERP Italia in February 2013.

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