Six months ago, on the occasion of the environmental conference, the government was committed to implement quickly, emergency measures to save a photovoltaic sector in great danger.

“It is clear that the results of these measures is particularly disappointing and compromises in the short term future of the industry” lamented the solar branch of the Renewable Energy Association (SER SOLER), referring to the announcement of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, March 26, on redesigning the framework of the simplified tender.

The latter said that the numbers of connection of the PV collapsed from 241 MW in the third quarter 2012 to 75 MW in the fourth quarter, “which was a serious warning about the level of activity in the sector.”

“This is why professionals eagerly awaiting the implementation of emergency measures promised to ensure the survival of the industry until the adoption of the law on energy programming” said the SER SOLER.

He added: “Against all odds, and despite government commitments, the announcement March 26, 2013 a new simplified tender for facilities of 100 to 250 kW and the premature termination of the old procedure that would ensure the continuity of business activity, is translated into reality at best 13 months of suspension of activity for players in this market segment.”

Already, the bidding for 400 MW plants greater than 250 kW, launched on March 13, has not reassured professionals.

According to industry professionals, the chosen selection criteria and the proposed method of scoring does not ensure the level of visibility needed to consider industrial investments for manufacturers located in France, and to ensure quality developed projects.

“Thus, these decisions are likely to cause the disappearance of the majority of the thousands of jobs that remained in the sector. Against this background, the government’s goal to develop 1,000 MW in 2013 seems out of reach”, said with strength SER-SOLER.

“Given the crisis that knows the photovoltaic industry, and the inadequacy of the measures adopted, we ask to be received by the Minister to review promptly all provisions photovoltaic installations above 100 kW” have concluded Jean-Louis Bal, President of SER, and Arnaud MINE SOLER President and Vice-President of SER.

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