tidalIn response to the call for expressions of interest (AMI) for pilot turbine farms announced by the President of France in Cherbourg, two French groups intend to submit a joint project.

A cooperation agreement to this effect was signed between Jérôme Pécresse, President of Alstom Renewable Power and Mestrallet, during a visit in Normandy CEO of GDF Suez to.

Under the terms of this agreement, GDF Suez and Alstom jointly define the technical parameters that will exploit the tidal currents Blanchard, marine site selected for the demonstration farm located off the port of Cherbourg. The partners also offer an operating strategy and site maintenance, as well as a roadmap to increase the positive impact of socio-economic benefits of this new activity at the regional and country.

This work is considered crucial to go to the commercial exploitation of tidal energy with commercial farms larger.

Alstom is currently testing its successful 1 MW tidal immersed in EMEC off the Orkney Islands, Scotland. It has already reached its nominal power of 1 MW and generated more than 10 MWh of electricity on the grid. Testing of the turbine in pilot farms will test its performance closer to commercial near-real conditions.

Alstom will also sign an agreement today with Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA) that would, if the Group was held in the allocation of pilot farms of tidal turbines Blanchard, perform the final assembly of its turbines, installation of foundations and maintenance from the port of Cherbourg. This has many advantages, including a plan to develop 40 hectares of infrastructure dedicated to tidal and a proximity to the site Raz Blanchard and the coasts of the United Kingdom, which represent a large potential market.

“The signing of this agreement today reinforces the strategy of port development in the field of Marine Energy,” said Laurent Beauvais, President of the Lower Normandy Region and the Joint Union ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg (PNA).

“We are excited to combine our expertise with that of GDF Suez in the development of tidal Raz Blanchard pilot farm. We will provide a friendly reliable technology, environment and performance that will provide electricity at an optimized cost. Furthermore, by signing today with Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA) an agreement for the provision of areas of the harbor, and Alstom could develop synergies with its two future plants in the field of offshore wind, “said For its part, added Jérôme Pécresse, President of Alstom Renewable Power.

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