Alstom has been awarded by the transmission system operator TenneT power, offshore wind project DolWin3 which will connect wind farms in the North Sea continental network, which represents an investment of more than one billion euros.

“With this project, we are helping to advance the energy transition in Germany. Moreover, it will allow us to increase the share of offshore wind energy in the energy mix that we offer” said Lex Hartman, a member of Board of TenneT. “By understanding DolWin3, we will be able to provide clean electricity to over 6,000 MW from the North Sea, and we will invest more than seven billion euros in the energy transition.”

DolWin3 is the eighth project to connect using the technology of direct current transmission implemented by TenneT.

With three additional projects based on technology ac, the system operator in charge of the electrical transmission network in the North Sea provide aggregate approximately 6.2 GW of offshore wind power to the mainland grid. DolWin3 the project will be the third network connection to the wind DolWin area, located in the southwest part of the North Sea, and offer a capacity of 900 MW. This project should be completed in 2017.

“For DolWin3 project, TenneT will benefit from Alstom’s advanced technologies. As market leader for offshore substations AC and for transporting electricity onshore high-voltage direct current, we are well positioned to become a major player in the German market for offshore high-voltage transmission continuous “current observed Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, President of Alstom Grid.

Prime contractor for this project, Alstom will build and supply stations onshore and offshore conversion and systems for cables DolWin3.

The project will be based on technology DC (with conversion source voltage ± 320 kV, 900 MW) to deliver on the continent energy produced offshore, via a submarine cable of 83 km. From the coast, the wind will then take a further distance of 79 km via a terrestrial cable to the converter stations Dörpen in Lower Saxony. The network connection will also be provided by Alstom, in a turnkey solution.

Alongside this project, Alstom has been awarded a service contract for a period of 5 years that covers the entire station conversion and offshore platform and the onshore system conversion. The contract includes the inspection, preventive and corrective maintenance operations modernization and repair, management of spare parts and technical support.

“One of the main challenges for the future of electric networks focuses on the ability to transport electricity from offshore wind turbines to the mainland grid by minimizing losses. DolWin3 With strengthens our position as a key partner energy transition in Germany,” said Alf Henryk Wulf, President of Alstom Germany.

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