Decommissioned and abandoned since 1987, cinema “Le Luxor” which has the distinction of being the only Parisian cinema to use geothermal energy has reopened its doors after more than three years of work.

“The main constraint was to work in a building rehabilitation, and listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments,” said the international community engineering and environmental consulting, Antea Group. The latter was selected by the City of Paris to make geothermal drilling, to capture groundwater coarse Lutetian limestone.

This facility has been implemented as part of a turnkey service including: “hydrogeological feasibility study, preparation of regulatory filings under the Environmental Code, the completion of a pair of holes and related tests, interpreting the results and recommendations of operation and maintenance. ”

In the control of energy consumption, the installation of a heat pump fridge groundwater located about 80 meters deep, can heat the building in winter and cool in the summer and meeting the objectives of the Climate Plan City of Paris.

With geothermal energy, the building will have a maximum power consumption of less than 80 kWh/m²/year and a carbon footprint to meet the standards.

The cinema has 334 seats.

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