praj-matPraj Industries, the global specialist treatment for bioethanol, the treatment of water and wastewater, has become the first company in Southeast Asia to set up an integrated cellulosic ethanol plant of the second generation (2G).

The cellulosic ethanol demonstration 2G plant work with biomass in different forms, with a capacity of 100 dry tons of biomass per day, including agricultural wastes such as corn and cane, or bagasse. The demonstration plant will enable Praj consolidate six years working in R&D, starting with laboratory tests before proceeding with a pilot demonstrator. With this same plant Praj may also develop different biochemicals and bioproducts.

This plant will be used to demonstrate the viability of the different parameters, including the optimization of water and energy and its impact on operating costs integration. It will also develop the entire value chain, including the management and composition of biomass and its impact on operations. Praj estimated project cost of approximately $25 million (Rs145-150 million).

“The construction of the cellulosic ethanol 2G plant is a big step in biotechnology. Cellulosic ethanol provides a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions greater than the 1st generation biofuels from agricultural sources and the fossil fuels. This is why this project will play a vital role in reducing carbon footprints. The project site Shirala gives us a geographical advantage in terms of obtaining biomass and labor “was said Pramod Chaudhari, Director of Praj Industries.

For this project, Praj has partnered with VAAIL, an ethanol producer based in Western Maharashtra. “Viraj has over ten years of experience in operating ethanol made ​​from molasses and grain. Praj factories provided these two plants. I am very proud of our association with Praj, because it is an opportunity to take part in an avant-garde”, said on this occasion, Mr. Mansinghrao Naik, president of VAAIL.

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