The European Commission has launched a new three-year project called “Bio Base NWE” and to support the development of bio-based in North West Europe economy goal.

The Bio Base NWE project with a budget of €6.2 million is for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to facilitate innovation and the development of bio-based technologies and also provides a training plan and education to overcome the lack of qualified personnel in the industry.

The Bio Base NWE partnership includes organizations from 5 countries (Ireland, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium).

“SMEs have a vital role to play in the European transition to a bio-based economy by 2020 will reach more than €2 trillion role (…) The biobased products represent a growing area of interest for SMEs working in the chemical, agricultural, plastic, oil, food, textile and pharmaceutical industries. However, a number of SMEs have difficulties in bridging the gap between the development of an innovation from research and marketing ” said Dr. Lieve Hoflack, Manager of Bio Base NWE project.

The Bio Base NWE network advise SMEs in north-western Europe on how to turn innovative concepts into finished products. This region has indeed a great location to occupy an important role in the emerging bio-based economy. It is home to several renowned research institutes in this field and an important chemical industry with a strong representation of SMEs that can be leverage in future development.

SMEs can benefit from financial aid to presenting projects from biobased on site demonstration of Ghent in Belgium technologies. This pilot site will carry out the necessary investments for promising projects to ensure their viability and commercial success.

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