Fred.OlsenThe various components of the offshore wind Haliade 150-6 MW Alstom, one of the most powerful on the market, are currently embarking on the mobile crane ship “Bold Tern” in the port of Ostend (Belgium).

The ship of Fred Olsen WindCarrier company, specialist in transport and installation of offshore wind turbines, will soon make the installation in the Belwind wind farm 45 km off the coast of Ostend. These are the exceptional size of the new offshore wind which led Alstom to contract the new mobile crane ship. Offshore giant has blades of 73.5 meters, the rotor diameter is 150 m.

Built in 2012, the Bold Tern is marketed by Fred Olsen WindCarrier since February 2013 to ensure the installation of offshore wind generation. In addition to its 3201 m2 of open deck, the boat is equipped with extremely robust cranes for loading components 800 tonnes in sailing position. The Bold Tern has a dynamic positioning system for safety.

These characteristics make it possible to continue operations in adverse weather conditions.

Key figures:

• The offshore wind Haliade 150 6 MW covers the energy needs of 5,000 homes.
• The rotor diameter of the wind Haliade, one of the largest ever built, measuring 150 meters.
• The blades are 73.5 meters long.
• The rotor 150 may Haliade of scanning a surface of 17 860 m².
• The car weighs approximately 400 tons and the total weight of 150 Haliade and its foundation “jacket” type and mast reached 1,500 tons.
• Substations offshore wind installed or being installed by Alstom Grid produce a total of over 2.9 GW.
• The Haliade 150 6 MW is suitable for sites with reference wind speed is 50 m/s (average 10 minutes) with gusts up to 70 m / s (average of 3 seconds) or record speed in recent 50 years.

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