alstomAlstom said it had finalized the offshore installation of its new offshore wind generation Haliade 150 – 6MW, off the coast of Ostend on the Belwind Belgium site.

This is according to the French industrialist largest ever installed offshore wind With a rotor over 150 meters (with blades of 73.50 meters), its yield is 15% higher than offshore wind turbine existing, enabling it to supply electricity to the equivalent of about 5,000 homes.

After the success of insiders in March 2012 on the first 150 Haliade commissioning on site Book in the Region of Pays de la Loire, and certification of the power curve tests issued in May 2013, this facility will confirm behavior of the machine in a marine environment for which it was specifically designed and developed.

The substructure 61 meters, called jacket was installed on pillars sunk more than 60 meters deep. Then the three components of the mast measuring 78 meters were gradually mounted. The gondola rises to over 100 meters above sea level Wind and its supporting structure accumulate a total weight of 1,500 tons.

This new generation wind turbine works gearless (direct drive) with a permanent magnet alternator. Thus, the number of mechanical parts inside the machine is reduced, which makes it more reliable and allows, at the same time, reduce operating costs and maintenance. Finally, Haliade 150 is equipped with Alstom Pure Torque technology that optimizes its performance in protecting the alternator with a report of unwanted mechanical wind forces to the mast of the wind.

It is also a milestone for Alstom in the industrialization of its 6 MW turbine process. Wind the book should turn, receive final certification in the first half of 2014.

Finally, the construction of two plants Alstom in Saint-Nazaire (nacelles and generators) seems well underway and should be completed next summer and will be followed by one of two factories in Cherbourg (blades and towers).

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