Alstom Grid recently announced the installation of Trianel offshore platform post for Borkum wind farm in the North Sea to the German company Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum.

Trianel working on the wind farm Borkum in association with 33 towns in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so this is the first municipal offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

The total investment of the park is approximately 1.6 billion euros and its commercial operation is scheduled for late 2013.

Borkum is a wind farm of 56 km2, located approximately 45 kilometers north of the coast of Borkum. It has 80 turbines with a total power of 400 MW, installed in two stages, in an area 25 to 35 meters deep.

After a first phase of 200 MW, the park completed will produce up to 800 million KW/hours (kWh) of energy per year, enough to supply 200,000 households with electricity.

The offshore platform position Alstom installed on April 14 is connected to the connection point of the coastal turbines grid.

On the other hand, Alstom is currently in the implementation of several projects in alternating current (AC) in Germany.

The French industrial group also paves the way technology high voltage direct current (HVDC) and was selected in February for DolWin3 project by TenneT, the operator of electrical transmission systems. The project, which will connect the wind farms in the North Sea continental network, represents an investment of more than one billion euros. Alstom will build and supply stations onshore and offshore conversion and systems connecting cables for a turnkey solution.

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