energieWPD Offshore, specialist in offshore wind announced that it had acquired a new offshore wind farm project, developed for Netherlands by Energiekontor of Germany.

This project, located in the North Sea, 12 miles (20 km) off Bremerhaven, include 18 power 6 MW turbines located at shallow depth (10 meters). Its construction is scheduled for 2016, while its capacity is 110.7 MW.

After the recent announcement of the construction of Butendiek (a fleet of 80 wind turbines in the North Sea for a capacity of 288 MW), it will be the 19th draft WPD Offshore Europe for a combined capacity of 2,600 MW.

This new park is expected to strengthen the expertise and know-how of the independent energy company. The French subsidiary has contributed to the achievement areas Fécamp and Courseulles by the consortium to which it belongs. Remember EDF Energies Nouvelles and WPD Offshore decided to continue their collaboration, in exclusive partnership with Alstom, to answer the second call for tenders French.

** WPD is a developer-producer of renewable energy in 20 countries worldwide. Group founded in 1996, more than 850 employees, WPD has implanted more than 1,500 onshore wind and is now developing 10 GW of offshore wind projects is more than one and a half times the French targets for 2020. Among these 10 GW, 8 projects have already obtained their licenses (5 Germany, two in Sweden, one in Finland) for a total capacity of 2.5 GW (1500 turbines), and are in various stages of completion.

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