Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy Systems Engineering (IWES) Kassel (Hesse) have set up a new mast measures that will enable more effective management of onshore wind farms.

This mast, 200 meters high, is the largest in Europe for wind. Masts current standard measure in effect a hundred meters, but with traditional measurement methods, they are not sufficient for the design of most modern wind turbines, both higher (the size of their blades sometimes reaches 200 meters tall) and more powerful. Wind dynamics at such a height above the ground is indeed well known, especially in complex terrain such as woods or hills, which generate turbulence and wind up affecting a high altitude.

Measures such heights are needed to further develop computational models for energy efficiency.

The new mast is well equipped with ultrasonic anemometers can determine spatially speed and wind direction, giving an accurate picture of turbulence. It is also equipped with traditional cup anemometers measure these variables at different altitudes. Atmospheric pressure, humidity, air temperature, precipitation and sunshine duration are also recorded, which allows to determine their influence on wind conditions. Thus, alignment and optimal design of wind turbines can be set, allowing you to choose the type of terrain considered suitable for wind turbines.

This new facility will also develop standards for new methods of ground measurements with LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) instrument using optical lasers may fall away from the wind profiles up to several hundred meters high. So far, the LIDAR could be used alone to make the necessary observations to yield calculations, lack of standard size for the device. If successful the measures taken by the new mast, it could eventually no longer be needed.

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