Venezuela is starting to embrace renewable energy by installing wind turbines from Gamesa Impsa and several wind farms.

Corpoelec, Socialist Utility continues with the transfer of new equipment for the wind farm “La Guajira” currently being built in the municipality Guajira, the state of Zulia.

This time they are moving the towers that will support the turbines and blades or vanes. The logistics of moving covers a route from the headquarters located at Av Bolipuertos 2 The Miracle, to where the work takes place.

The Deputy Commissioner Generation Alternative Sources of Corpoelec, Francisco Quintero, said: “These towers are about 26 meters long by 4 meters in diameter and to assemble a complete tower is necessary to assemble three flights of this type, which reach a height of 77 meters from the floor to where you installed the generator, so that you can harness the power of wind to move a generator of 2.1 megawatts (MW).”

“Remember that this important work reaches an investment of $225 million, of which 61.5 million will be used to develop the first 25.2 MW in Phase 1-A with the installation of 12 wind turbines of 2.1 MW each; while Phase 1-B will generate 50.4 MW 75.6 MW to complete a “Quintero explained, adding that” This project will be developed in 6 stages made ​​up of 36 wind turbines, an investment that will achieve the national government produce its first results, Energy enough to supply more than 12 000 families in La Guajira.”

He disclosed that currently build the piles that will support foundations or concrete footings that will support the weight of these towers of wind generation. “Before assembling and installing each tower, are needed to build 16 concrete piles and steel bars for each, which are buried 23 meters deep to ensure the strength of each of these computers weigh about 110 tons (including the tower, nacelle – wind – and bats). Then built on these piles, concrete foundations as a basis to set the rings on the towers and get them the rest of the equipment, ie, generator and blades, “explained the Deputy Commissioner.

Quintero said the acquisition of these devices are also framed in the Convention Argentina – Venezuela, confirming the implementation of development works to strengthen the National Electricity Sector to continue strengthening the electricity sector, driven by President Hugo Chavez Frias.

Also, the spokesman said that the work aims to develop 10,000 MW in the area of the Upper Guajira from Caño Sagua and Cano Paijana. “We are starting the first stage are the 75.6 MW that would form Phase 1 of the project whose main benefit is the generation of renewable electricity.”

Thus, the Ministry of Popular Power for Electricity (Mppee) and Corpoelec, Utility Socialist take action to strengthen the national power grid through the consolidation of alternative energy projects.

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