Coahuila will have wind turbines in 14 wind farms. Each wind farm will have 30 wind turbines, if measurements give favorable results, although there is a 95% chance that the results are positive. Companies sell wind energy to industries in the region.

In two years would be operating the wind turbines, with the creation of 1,002 direct jobs and 6,700 indirect jobs, said Guillermo Quintero, CEO of the Agrarian in Coahuila

So far have signed contracts with ejidos: January 6, Parras 2, Township Green Cross Parras de la Fuente, Noria addition of the Sabines, Tank San Vicente and San Antonio’s Jaral of General Cepeda. A part of The Loneliness of Viesca ejidos; Mairan and Benavides of San Pedro de las Colonias, and Mesita de León, San Francisco, Wall and Azufrosa of Ramos Arizpe.

Since 2010 enterprises Resources and Development B & E Inc. U.S. Megawat Spain and Sowitec of Mexico came to make the necessary arrangements with the federal authority and residents of ejidos who will benefit from the lease of the land to be installed where wind turbines.

Antennas have been installed wind measurement, which are distributed on campus in an effort to keep records, this is done for 18 months, then proceed to place wind turbines, each of which has a cost of 4 million dollars.

Installation in lines near the Federal Electricity Commission, with the aim of driving the energy produced by wind farms to consumer industries.

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