Villonaco wind farm will have 11 wind turbines by Chinese company Goldwind. The wind farm is at an altitude of 2,720 meters and the wind speed there is 12.6 meters per second.

Jorge Correa, Trade Representative of the Chinese wind energy company Goldwind, which supplies wind turbines and is in charge of the work, said the project will generate a total of 16.5 MW.

The Loja wind farm prevent the emission of 38,000 tonnes of CO2. The investment amounts to $45 million, funded by the Ecuadorian government through a credit line from China Development Bank.

250 people work at the wind farm, most of them are Ecuadorians and only 10 technicians are from China. For Zhang Dazhi, Goldwind’s legal representative, this is one of the main advantages of the project, for what has been done is to train national staff to acquire the necessary technical knowledge and may participate in other wind projects in the rest of South America.

The coordinator of Strategic Sectors Minister Jorge Glas said that the project includes the installation of 11 wind turbines with a total rated capacity of 16.5 MW (1.5 MW each), along with a rise of 34.5 Substation to 69 kV and Sub-Transmission Line Substation Substation Villonaco to Loja and an interpretation center dedicated to research and technical training.

The work began on August 24, 2011 and the farm will be launched on November 18, 2012. The project will supply 25% of electricity consumption in the province of Loja. Likewise cover 68.7% of peak hour demand Loja Canton and 40% of demand in the concession area of ​​the Southern Regional Electricity Company.

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