The government announced the installation Pampas 25 wind turbines in the town of General Acha, south of La Pampa, which increased by 50 megawatts of energy supply to the province.

The Minister of Production of La Pampa, Abelardo Ferran, said that “the incorporation of the 25 mills would increase interconnected system of our province to 50 megawatts.”

“The establishment of these turbines would be extremely important and environment friendly,” said Ferran.

He added that La Pampa implements a “strong program of industrialization, which requires substantial power as input and would benefit from the initiative.”

Ferran presented the project with the director of the Provincial Administration of Energy (APE), Carlos Sanz, along with the project manager of the company ABOWind, Daniel Fernandez, and engineer Alexander Mountain.

Sanz said that “the project would conduct a major energy input to the interconnected system of La Pampa and is distributed in our region according to the needs of each locality.”

He also explained that “each turbine will double the power of the two existing wind farm owned by the Cooperative Utilities (Cosega), located near the town General Acha, 100 kilometers south of Santa Rosa.

Project development would be in charge of ABOWind company through national tenders that the company will ensure the purchase of energy for about 15 years.

The Provincial State contribution would have to do with network management and energy management to the user, would have an aggregate value that would toll in the province, “said the head of the APE.

For his part, Fernandez described as “very good” wind conditions in the area, “like a high wind resource areas like the south of our country and the province of Buenos Aires.”

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