Primarily designed for the European market, the Danish wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, has announced the launch of its new turbine, the V126-3MW, at the Husum Wind Energy Exhibition in Germany.

The V126-3MW, with its rotor diameter of 126 meters, was designed for very low wind sites, IEC III wind class. This turbine is a new version of the platform 3 MW which was also based the V112-3MW.

The innovative design of its blades would Vestas according to halve production costs, improve production flexibility, while maintaining the reliability and performance of the machine-specific Vestas.

“The area swept by the wind turbine new V126-3.0 MW has been increased by 27%. Latter was specifically designed to provide maximum power production in low wind sites. There is a huge need for rotor larger sizes this type of market, especially in Europe. V126 And-3.0 MW offers a new option for customers who want to combine proven technology platform 3 MW, with an electrical output increased in low wind sites. By Furthermore, the design of the blade allows to halve the cost of investment in new production lines, “said Anders Vedel, Executive Vice President,Turbines R&D.

The first prototype wind turbine V126-3.0 MW is planned to be installed Østerild Denmark, during the second quarter of 2013.

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