When the global energy landscape is redrawn, the Danish Vestas announced it had installed a total capacity of 50 GW in wind energy, the equivalent of 46,000 wind turbines, or nearly a fifth of total world capacity.

This figure allows after Vestas generate enough renewable energy to power 9 million European households, or to avoid the annual emission of 55 million tonnes of CO2.

The threshold of 50 GW was in the first quarter 2012, with completion of the project Knäred, a wind farm in the municipality of Laholm in southern Sweden. Knäred is a project of 10 turbines V90-2.0 MW initiated by the German energy group E.ON, which will provide enough power for approximately 10,000 Swedish households.

“Renewable energy is a cornerstone of the business strategy of E.ON,” said Mark Porter, the Director for Northern Europe of E.ON Onshore. “We have invested over $ 7 billion in renewable energy over the last five years we will invest a further €7 billion over the next five years. Knäred is an excellent example of our focus on wind farms onshore high quality “.

From the late 1970s, when Vestas began producing wind turbines, wind energy has begun to be seen as an alternative energy source to power a dominant and become part of modern energy mix.

The manufacture of wind turbines has increased significantly along with technological innovations have resulted in increased productivity and reliability. Wind power has gradually become increasingly competitive with fossil fuels as the entire industry is working to lower energy costs for customers.

Driven by innovation Ditlev Engel, CEO of Vestas , said the 50 GW clearly demonstrate the ability and maturity of the wind industry. “When the wind industry began thirty years ago, nobody could have predicted the enormous speed of technological advances that led to the growth of Vestas and the wind industry as a whole,” he has said.

“The wind industry now provides a sustainable energy source, reliable and competitive for millions of people around the world. At Vestas, we are proud to have been an industry pioneer, and have put, for thirty years, his knowledge, experience and passion to reach 50GW installed, that make a real difference to our planet and its people “concluded Ditlev Engel.

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