Uprise Energy, a company based in San Diego, California, developed a wind power generator with an output of 50kW, which had the distinction of being completely portable.

The machine is in a container of 12.2 meters long and has been optimized to operate in an environment where the wind speed remains low.

Being transported to remote areas it allows the network to benefit from a national renewable electricity.

Moreover, the proposed solution integrates a simplified installation that requires no cranes or specialized technicians.

With its smart programming the machine continuously monitors weather conditions, adjusting our best to capture wind energy.

The machine is capable of rotating 360 º in the wind and adjust blade pitch for optimum capture of the stream. When winds become too strong, the computer automatically ranks the rotor mast and lowers to the ground to avoid damage.

The device is able to directly inject the current generated in both the final consumer mains only in standalone mode. The additional energy may be stored in different media, the water used to extract air or produce hydrogen from biomass. Conversely, when the wind is too weak or nonexistent, the Uprise machine draws on stored energy.

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