To meet a constraint on competitiveness and availability of developable land over large areas, the French company Poralu Marine conducted the installation of floating pontoons solar, at Canoe Brook in New Jersey.

Eneractive Solutions, an engineering company specializing in energy solutions, said this pilot project is the creation and implementation of a solar system floating of 112 kWh over the tank of Canoe Brook, located approximately 25 km off New York.

This solar installation is expected to generate 136,000 kWh of energy annually will allow the water treatment plant to power about 78,000 homes in the counties of Essec, Union, Morris and Somerset in treating about 152 million liters water per day.

Poralu Marine was awarded the engineering of the floating part, the interface supports photovoltaic panels and the anchoring of the Seaflex system. The study and customized solution deployed were asked a very precise specifications including all technical and financial constraints to produce renewable electricity at competitive cost:

Consideration of installing solar panels with high stability of the platform;
Longevity of the entire structure and low maintenance in a restrictive environment (ice formation during winter);
Adaptation of the cost of the floating structure and its anchoring to the part of the budget feasibility predefined;
Minimization of maintenance services for a better return on investment;

The solar platform, consisting of a structure floating on pontoons which are fixed the photovoltaic panels, is installed on the Seaflex anchoring system. This technology allows a Swedish elastic anchor unmatched in its ability to stabilize the floating structures subjected to great variations in water levels. According Poralu Marine, it also offers the advantage of a long life while requiring minimum maintenance and respecting all the standards of environmental protection.

Aluminum structure, supported by floats polyethylene able to float in all circumstances, floating docks are covered decking Ecostyle, a product designed green materials (100% recyclable polypropylene). In addition, the platform is designed to pass much of the sunlight and thus ensure the life of flora and aquatic fauna.

The design of solar panels and their supports was supported by a U.S. supplier.

Installed in an area subject to weather difficult times, the solar platform was quickly put to the test with the passage of Hurricane Irene in August 2011, with no damage noted French company based in Port (Ain).

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