The Swiss solar plane – HB-SIA – piloted by André Borschberg is making its first intercontinental flight having taken off on 05.24 from the airfield of Payerne (Switzerland) to the Kingdom of Morocco.

“All the Solar Impulse team is now in the starting blocks and reviews every detail of the mission so that it runs smoothly” announced the day before the take-off the promoter of the solar airplane on the dedicated website.

The Solar Impulse crossed the French border in the Jura mountains at an altitude of 3600 meters. Also in France, Redoz, it ascended to an altitude of 8500 meters and flew the Central Massif and the Pyrenees to reach Spain. A technical stop with a driver change was planned in Madrid for a minimum of three days. The landing normally took place at Madrid-Barajas Airport around 2:00, Friday, May 25

The total distance traveled by the prototype was estimated at about 2,500 km.

Moreover, during the various flights, it will be possible to put yourself in the shoes of the HB-SIA pilot. Indeed, on the home page of the website, except for a virtual cockpit presenting the main (ground speed, heading, altitude, solar, etc..) and a map in real time, you will also find a video in real time. You could see the pilot with an onboard camera (and interviews throughout the day), and the “Mission Control Center” in Payerne.

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