The Chinese manufacturer of solar panels, Trina Solar, announced Monday, the complete installation of a new photovoltaic system at the headquarters of Lotus F1 Team in Enstone, Oxfordshire, England.

The system installed on the roof in 2 days instead of 5, thanks to Trinamount system, a solution for quick and easy installation, will provide a renewable solar simulator for the new Lotus F1 Team.

“We work with Lotus F1 team for nearly three years, and this deployment of our technology is another step in the process of Lotus F1 Team to the equipment in renewable energy sources,” said Ben Hill, Director of Trina Solar Europe. The solution poses Trinamount eliminates the use of long metal rails, reduces the number of parts necessary to assemble, and reduces, significantly, the time and cost of installation. “This deployment represents the synergy of innovation and speed for both companies” Hill said.

The facility is capable of producing about 33 MWh of electricity a year, reducing the carbon footprint of Lotus F1 Team at the rural site in Oxfordshire. The energy produced will cover about three-quarters of the energy requirements of the simulator. The new center is equipped with advanced technology and allows Lotus F1 Team to reproduce real driving conditions for research and optimization without having physically to put a car on a circuit.

“The installation of a system of Trina Solar PV is an expression of our continued commitment to renewable energy. Enstone is rich in wildlife because of the value and interest in botanical grassland growing on the calcareous soil, it is also a site offering a beautiful natural landscape because of its flora and fauna. The system ensures Trina Solar photovoltaic energy production important that integrates into our surroundings. Lotus F1 Team Trina Solar highlight not only the important role that renewable energies can play within an organization but also the growing role they can take in the future, within the industry Formula1, and worldwide, “said Eric Boullier, head of Lotus F1 Team.

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