Suntech Power, the Chinese manufacturer of solar panels has announced it will introduce its new high-performance polycrystalline module of 255 watts (STP255-20Wd) at the Intersolar Europe 2012 exhibition.

This new module uses a 60 cell metallization technology optimized to increase its effectiveness. According to its designer, it is one of the most powerful in its class and can be used in almost all solar applications.

“With the evolution of the solar market in Europe, the output power and reliability of photovoltaic systems become more important than just cost reduction,” said Vedat Gürgeli, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Suntech Europe. “By focusing on R&D, we are constantly improving the conversion efficiency of our crystalline silicon solar products. For example, this panel of 255 watts is almost 5% more powerful than the industry average and provides the One of the best price/performance ratios on the market. With constant innovation, our goal is to increase the rated power of 260 watts solar panel in the near future.”

Suntech panels have a positive power tolerance of 0 to 5% and were designed to withstand all weather conditions. They withstand wind pressure levels of about 3,800 Pascal (about 270 km/h) and a snow load of 5400 Pascal (about 55 kg/m²), levels which exceed widely the IEC requirements.

The polycrystalline module of 255 watt has been certified in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61701, test for corrosion by salt spray, in order to ensure installation in coastal areas. The module has a hydrophobic layer anti-reflective surface reduces dust allowing it to absorb more light, improving performance in low light and strengthening over time.

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