The Dutch city of Nijmegen has a new icon that represents the harmony between nature and technology and is also a sign renewable energy: the sun tree. The technology comes from DEGERenergie.

The work of an artist Andreas Hetfeld is based on a sunflower. This tree is constantly directed towards the sun, producing solar power.

The idea of ​​a natural stream in production now permeates many aspects of a social life. In Nijmegen in the Dutch-German border region, it has manifested itself in the form of an artistically-designed symbol with practical use. The twelve-meter high sculpture of an elegant design in stainless steel and aluminum stands, recently appeared on the forecourt of the new technical training and study center “Technovium” in Nijmegen and produces solar power. The “calyx” with six and a half meters in diameter, is equipped with 97 solar cells.

The symbol, which was designed by Andreas Hetfeld on behalf of the city, symbolizes the organic connection between nature and technology. Much of it is that the artwork not only looks like a giant sunflower, but also behaves: the “flower” is geared more to the brightest spot in the sky and collect such a natural way solar energy. The secret: the MLD tracking system of DEGERenergie. With the current work of art is acquired, among other things at night with LED lights set the scene. A screen in the lobby of the study center makes the energy gain of solar cells on permanent display. Excess energy is fed into the grid. From wind force 5 directs the DEGERenergie system automatically from the cup in a horizontal position.

The solar tree by Andreas Hetfeld was nominated for the coveted Cool Silicon Art Award 2011. This award is intended to promote an international artistic spectrum of works, which reflect global social development in relation to energy efficiency.

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