JinkoSolar Company announced recently the signing of a contract to supply photovoltaic modules (81 MW) solar park project in the municipality of Gamagara in the province of Northern Cape in South Africa.

This project, developed and designed by Building Energy (BE), will be built and operated by WBHO-BE JV. He thus became the largest solar project in Africa and among the first projects to be approved under the Renewable Energy Programme by South African government.

JinkoSolar indicates that provide a total of 344,540 solar panels for the project, which is expected to generate approximately 146 GWh of electricity, the equivalent of 12,000 homes and power reduction of 145,800 tons of carbon emissions annually.

Once completed, this solar PV project will become the single most important in South Africa. Shipments of photovoltaic panels will begin in Q1 2013 and will be completed by the end of 2013.

“This contract to supply 81 MW is an important milestone for both our partner and JinkoSolar WBHO-BE in South Africa,” said Mr. Xiande Li, President of JinkoSolar. “Due to the rising costs of energy, plenty of sunshine and support sustainable government for Renewable Energy, South Africa will quickly become one of the most solar PV market growing world and therefore one of the most significant emerging markets for JinkoSolar. “

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