Skoda, Volkswagen Group, has produced ten units of its first electric car, the Octavia Green E Line, an electric vehicle with a range of 240 km thanks to lithium batteries.

Czech car maker Skoda, Volkswagen Group, has produced ten electric cars Octavia Green Line E, electric vehicles based on the Octavia Combi which provide a range of 240 rm thanks to lithium batteries.

This electric car can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in twelve seconds and reach a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour. For recharging is necessary to use eight hours in single-phase connections, and two hours in three-phase outlets.

With this electric car, Skoda expects to generate experience and information to advance the development of electric mobility in the framework of the Volkswagen Group to lead this market on the horizon of 2018.

However, the Czech firm restricts its commitment not only to environmental electric mobility, it continues to develop efficient motors.

Currently, Skoda has 63 choices of engines and transmissions with emissions below 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer, seven of them below one hundred grams per kilometer

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