The German company Siemens was selected by the New Zealand energy company TrustPower to install 90 wind turbines (3 MW unit) in a wind farm in South Australia.

Siemens will be responsible for providing a complete turnkey solution, including not only the turbines and associated services, but also the substation, switchgear and transformers connecting the plant to the grid. The Snowtown Wind Farm II to be operational in 2014, and be able to generate an electrical output of 270 MW and power about 180,000 Australian homes.

“The wind farm will be built with renewable energy technology the most advanced on the market” said CEO of TrustPower, Vince Hawkswort. Indeed, each wind turbine will use technology without drive belt and rotor blades designed to maximize power generation.

“Australia has excellent conditions for wind power. It is estimated that the installed wind power capacity will more than triple by 2016 from 2,200 megawatts to 6,900 megawatts currently,” said Felix Ferlemann, director of the branch of Siemens Wind Power.

South Australia has exceeded the targets in the country’s overall energy production by 2020, with a rate of 26% renewable against 20%. The South Australia now has a target of the share of 33% by 2020.

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