Japanese conglomerate Sharp will market from this month in Japan, a very special solar panel, called “NA-B095AA”, because in addition to producing solar energy, it has the characteristic of being also transparent.

Thus, to meet the needs of both the production of electricity, natural light and thermal barrier, the group of electronics and semiconductor market has launched a solar module which can be used as component a full interior or exterior architectural solution: railing, balustrade, balcony or window.

The system eliminates the de facto metal frame generally used in the production of solar modules classical and more use of photovoltaic cells laminated glass structure, which can be installed in different chassis designed to house building materials.

To achieve this module, Sharp has made fine interstices of the thin-film photovoltaic cells. Also, because of this choice, the conversion efficiency of the module is smaller and reaches 6.8%. You should know that the average conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules thin film silicon is about 10%.

In addition, the shading coefficient of the module is 0.39. Cad. Closer the coefficient is low, and less heat from the sun is transmitted through the wall. For example, a glass plate of 3 mm thick has a shading coefficient of 1.0.

Finally, the dimensions of the module (without junction PV box) are 1402 mm x 1001 mm x 9.5 mm, weighing about 33 kg. Manufactured in the factory of Sharp Sakai, the maximum rated power of the module is 95 W for a maximum voltage of 42.2 V.

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