The wind as well as hydro, suffers seasonal variations. The thermal tripled in 2011 and solar photovoltaics grew 25%.

The cumulative production of renewable energy in 2011 was 10.2% lower than the same period in 2010 and has cut its weight by 2.3 points in the ‘mix’ generation, from 35% last year to 32.7 % now.

These data, which are included in the daily monitoring of Spain’s Red Electrica (REE) of the electrical system are not yet final, 2011, coincided with a sharp increase in the production of coal-fired plants, which provide a 95 % more.

The burning of this fuel for electricity generation is fueled by a royal decree or gifts of technical restrictions that gives preference to domestic coal, whose use has increased by 84%. Still, imported coal production rises by 119%.

Among the renewable technologies, wind is nearing the end of the year down 4.5% after it cut production by 8.5% so far this month, while the hydraulic generates 24% less than electricity and has grown from providing a 16% to 11.5%.

In any case, the wind has not significantly reduced their weight in the ‘mix’. If in 2010 accounted for 16% of electricity, now accounts for 15.8%. This slight variation reflects the fact that electricity demand drops by 1%, while in 2010 increased 2.9%. On the other hand, solar photovoltaic now produces 25% more weight and already has close to 3% in the ‘mix’, while the CSP, in the takeoff, nearly triple its contribution.

The main change in conventional technologies applicable to coal, which has gone from having a weight of 8% of the parent generation to 15.4% today.

Nuclear power produces a 7% less, but just a point cut in its contribution to the overall electrical system, from 22% to 21%, while gas combined cycle reduce its production by 241% and go from 23% despite to 18.8%.

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