Despite new car sales fall, an improvement is looming for Renault, which opened simultaneously in its six French industrial sites a set of 40 hectares of solar panels.

Renault says that this initiative will at the same time protect new vehicles prior to their distribution to the commercial network, limiting the risk of damage in case of bad weather, “the solar panel is in fact designed to withstand shocks, including those hail. ”

Renault solar complex thus becomes a showcase of the expertise of the Group in the field of renewable energies.

The inauguration of 400,000 m2 of solar panels – the equivalent of 60 football fields – is the largest global facility of its kind in the automotive industry. These panels are spread over six sites covered (ISO 14001): Douai, Maubeuge, Flins Batilly Sandouville and Cleon (Centers Delivery and Shipping and parking staff).

The whole area of installed solar panels is equivalent to a total power of 59 MW, which allows production of 52,600 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a town of 15,000 inhabitants. On average, solar solar displayed powers of the order of 1 MW.

These installations of solar panels reduce 2,200 tons the amount of CO2 emitted in the production of electrical energy (calculated on the basis of the energy mix France).

Finally, this innovative solar project is the result of a collaboration between Renault, initiator and driver of the entire project, as lessor, and its partners Gestamp Solar and Coruscant (for single site Cleon) in their capacity owners of operators.

You should know that the device is also being developed abroad: in Spain, thanks to an agreement with the company Cenit Solar, with nearly 100,000 m2 of solar plants planned in Valladolid and Palencia.

In addition, feasibility studies are ongoing in Slovenia, Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Romania. Finally, other projects are in progress (completion scheduled for December 2012) on the site of Busan in South Korea for an area of ​​300 000 m2.

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