“Panasonic could increase production of its solar panels about 30% during the next fiscal year,” said Kazuhiro Yoshida, director of the Solar Division of Panasonic worldwide.

This announcement follows the establishment by the Japanese government, on 1 July 2012, a feed-in tariff for solar electricity at 42 yen per kilowatt hour. This is one of the highest feed-in tariffs in the world.

Following this announcement, Panasonic plans to increase production of HIT photovoltaic panels up to 800 megawatts for the fiscal year end in March 2014, against 600 megawatts estimated for the current fiscal year. This ambitious program will be particularly supported by the opening in December this year, a new plant in Malaysia.

“The announcement of this new tariff has strongly attracted the interest of individuals and businesses, and will strongly encourage them to use their roofs or unusual their fields for the production of solar,” said Kazuhiro Yoshida. “We maintain our goal, initiated in 2010, reaching a total production capacity of 1.5 gigawatts worldwide by March 2016.”

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