Panasonic Eco Energy Management Solutions Europe (PESEMEU) recently announced the launch of its latest HIT black back sheet solar module.

This black panel adding to the design of the module, according to Panasonic offers an alternative aesthetic that also performs well in traditional modules, which should attract the private homeowners, but also planners and installers throughout Europe.

Certified by TÜV and MCS, these modules are available as of this June.

With this black back sheet, the owners should benefit from many advantages:

1. “Attractive design”: if the cells and the back sheet are black, frames are also offering each roof a uniform appearance.

2. “A great performance” with a yield of 18.6% for the module (and a yield of 21.1% for the cell), and N230B N235B models have the best track of the market in terms of back to black sheet modules. In addition, their anti-reflective glass enhances the absorption of energy, while their design gives them three manifolds that “look totally black.” Thus, the yield surface is enlarged, in order to capture more sunlight and reduce electrical losses.

3. “Excellent performance”: according to the Japanese firm, investing in the black back sheet modules and HIT N230B and N235B, “homeowners maximize energy efficiency of their homes, since the panels have a temperature coefficient of 0 , 3% / oC (…) Even at high temperatures, the solar cell provides a higher performance solution than traditional crystalline silicon. This is especially true with the modules completely black, which naturally absorb more heat. Modules minimize this effect to achieve a higher level of thermal performance, they are also suitable for areas where temperatures are high.”

HIT solar cell (“Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer”) consists of “an end wafer of monocrystalline silicon, coated with ultrathin layers of amorphous silicon. Based on advanced manufacturing techniques, this product offers the market a new standard terms of performance and value.

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