After two years of development, the French company, based in La Ciotat IDEOL announced the launch of its industrialization solution floating foundation for offshore wind and reveals its specifications.

This industrialization pass through the offshore installation in 2014 of two demonstrators to certify the solution on a commercial scale.

According IDEOL his mark solution a “technological breakthrough compared to current technology foundation on the ground.” It would thus compatible with the existing wind turbines without modification thanks to its developed and patented (Damping Pool ®).

The dynamic behavior of the system makes it possible to reduce the movements of the foundation through the hydrodynamic properties of a water mass oscillating in a central well and generating, by design and natural way, opposing efforts to those induced by the swell.

Based mainly on concrete construction, the solution can be IDEOL mass produced on site with “a strong local content” and “flexibility” in partnership with major groups of civil engineering.

Finally, its cost reduced twice lower than other solutions floating, floating IDEOL the solution remains competitive with the foundations laid at 35 meters depth, not only opening its deployment in the emerging market of wind energy at great depth, but also projects currently under development in the North Sea.

Initiated in late 2010, the development of the solution IDEOL included the completion of a detailed design of the float several sites representative of geographies ranging from the Mediterranean to the most exposed areas of the North Sea. IDEOL said he confirmed the price competitiveness of the solution and its excellent dynamic “campaigns tank tests were performed, reproducing a wide range of wave conditions, wind and current, up to waves of 25 meters high and winds of 90 km / h, representative of the harshest environments.”

In addition, partnerships and funding needed to industrialization phase has been established.

“At a time of great debate about the energy transition in France in 2025, this major technological breakthrough allows energy companies now developing wind farms in freeing itself from the constraints of deep looking sites the most favorable with the best winds and the least impacts and use conflicts. It also helps to demonstrate the unique French know-how in offshore engineering and the potential for innovation and job creation in the wind energy association of small and large groups, ” said to conclude Paul Gueriviere,  the president of IDEOL.

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