Wind, geothermal, hydro and solar power and cover half the energy consumption of Nicaragua. There are plans to install wind turbines in new wind projects.

According to The National Load Dispatch Center (CNDC), renewable energy production in Nicaragua was 51.4% due to wind turbines for wind farms. Emilio Rappaccioli, Minister of Energy and Mines, said recently that one of the things that is helping the clean energy production rates to remain high is the productivity of wind energy, which is benefiting from the impact of the winds of time that register constant speeds.

Rappaccioli, who participated in the International Renewable Energy Fair, which was held in the city of Granada, noted that the official records of CNDC indicating a wind energy production capacity (63 megawatts), which has been combined with hydropower, geothermal and biomass, for a better balance of generation in the country’s energy matrix.

“According to CNDC, renewable energy production was 51.4% recently, and the thermal production of only 48.6%. This was due to wind production reached full capacity for almost 24 hours, encouraging energy supply. Also noteworthy is the production of biomass with the sugar, increased ability to San Jacinto Tizate with 36 megawatts already working in sustainable operationally reliable, “said the official.

Data recorded by the CNDC reflected that renewable plant production reached 229.9 megawatts of thermal power and recorded 270.1 megawatts, with demand in the afternoon of 500 megawatts in total.

The Energy Cabinet met this week to discuss the positives of the situation, which favors the electricity sector.

Rappacccioli said that in some way there is stability in the electricity sector, as production from renewable resources allows a favorable cost of generation, but did not specify that at the moment is to apply a rate reduction to energy, which suffered a increase of 9% this year, combined with the financial outlay of over U.S. $ 26 million as a subsidy to not affect business users with the measure.

Rappaccioli said that at present can not be said that this type of energy is maintained throughout the year, since the supply of wind and biomass plants low in the coming months.

“The wind decreases at some point, the sugar productivity down in June and July. The average renewable generation we have calculated for 2012 is at least 40 to 41% as Central American hydroelectric plants and will enter a maintenance phase this year,” said Carlos Fonseca .

Blue Wind Power will inject extra 40 megawatts

However, the Minister Rappaccioli said the first phase of expansion of San Jacinto Tizate obtained at least 40 to 42 megawatts, producing almost a thousand megawatt hours a day, covering 9% of total generation in the country.

He stressed that they expect by May this year, including the wind farm operations of Blue Power Energy, with 40 megawatts and 36 megawatts, geothermal, the second phase of expansion of San Jacinto Tizate, which will be of great weight in the national energy mix and contribute to more stable energy prices.

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