The construction of the Niagara Tunnel – as high as a 4-story building – has reached an important milestone when the tunnel has been completely lined with concrete.

Once complete, this will ensure smooth concrete lining for the next 100 years of the efficient flow – at a rate of 500 cubic meters per second – and uninterrupted water of the Niagara River in the 10.2 km tunnel that leads to the Sir Adam Beck hydro stations.

So, when the Niagara Tunnel (one of the largest renewable energy projects of its kind) will be completed in 2013, it will generate enough renewable electricity to power 160,000 homes.

The project currently employs over 400 people and has already reported in the area of ​​economic benefits which amount to about $1 billion.

Strengthening the infrastructure of Ontario Hydro is an important part of the McGuinty government’s plan aiming to build a modern electricity grid, producing clean, reliable energy needed to power the Ontario infrastructure (homes, schools, hospitals, etc..)

“The Niagara Tunnel Project is an example of how the Province is transforming its power grid and investing in clean energy economy. We build a clean, modern, reliable and affordable system and we will supply for generations,” said Chris Bentley, Canadian Minister of Energy.

“The Niagara Tunnel is an investment in our future because it will bring to Ontario’s clean, renewable energy for more than one hundred years. What is equally impressive is the fact that men and women have worked safely under extremely difficult and challenging conditions. That’s a testimony to the quality and skill of Ontario’s workforce,” said Tom Mitchell, president of Ontario Power Generation.

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