Trina Solar, a manufacturer of solar products, announced the gift of photovoltaic modules 3 medical centers in Malawi who treat 85,000 people.

The Chinese company will thus allow two remote medical centers and a local organization that provide support to patients suffering from AIDS, vocational training, adult education and an orphanage to have renewable energy. In combination with a storage system, the solar modules allow three institutions providing care and services to their communities at night and in other low visibility conditions.

Today, more than 1.3 billion people live without electricity. Nearly 600 million of them live in Africa. Trina Solar Innovation: Africa and the carrier Schenker International BV have partnered to bring electricity to remote communities in Malawi.

Partnership with Innovation: Africa began in May 2011 when Trina Solar has provided solar modules for the installation of solar energy systems of the Medical Clinic Visezi in Bagamoyo District in Tanzania. Medical Clinic of Visezi provides care to a community of 2,770 people, but until last year, she did not have the means to provide proper medical services at night. Women gave birth in smoke-filled rooms of kerosene fumes and doctors could barely see the patients they treated. With a solar energy system, the Medical Clinic Visezi can now provide care 24h/24h in good lighting conditions and hygiene.

“We are happy to help local communities who need our technology,” said Ben Hill, Trina Solar Director of Europe. “In the future, our goal is to continue to provide solar energy to improve the quality of life of people who live without access to electricity. ‘

“Trina Solar has been a great partner in our work to help African communities to develop. Through donations of solar panels, we are able to allocate our resources where they are most needed: Identify communities without energy sources and work with them to build sustainable solar projects. We have ambitious goals, and with the support of Trina Solar, we hope to double our impact next year,” said Sivan Ya’ari, Founder and President of Innovation: Africa.

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