Ranked sixth worldwide Chinese Jinko Solar, the manufacturer of crystalline solar products, announced the launch of its second generation of photovoltaic modules in preview and on the occasion of SolarExpo event taking place in Italy.

Lighter and thinner than traditional modules, these new modules feature a second generation new ergonomic design for “faster and more efficient” installation.

With a reduction of up to 1.5 kg of its total weight, and a thickness of only 20 mm (35 mm against the industry average, a reduction of 15 mm), these panels are available in mono and polycrystalline, and their efficiency can reach a power of 260 Watts (based on 60 cells).

“The introduction of the second generation is the result of an extensive program of research and development dedicated to continuously improving efficiency and quality of our products to meet the growing demands of our customers worldwide. The high performance of our products combined with a total cost containment symbolizes the powerful innovation capacity of JinkoSolar, always at the forefront” said Arturo Herrero, chief marketing officer of Jinko Solar.

A new range with innovative features:

► Lightweight (1.5 kg reduction on the total weight)
► Subtlety (15 mm reduction over the whole thickness)
► Optimization of the frame with rounded corners
► Replacement of the locking mechanism for easier installation
► Reduces the size of the junction box for enhanced functionality

All Jinko Solar modules are equipped with a self-cleaning anti-reflective glass for better energy efficiency. They also recently been certified by TÜV Rheinland for their resistance to ammonia.

“We are delighted to introduce our new line of modules for the first time in Europe during SolarExpo. Italy is a strategic market that we follow closely,” said Arturo Herrero finally, Jinko Solar Chief Marketing Officer.

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